Programs offered 

Besides general coaching with individual sessions,

I offer different  coaching programs where we take a deep dive into the material

to create the specific magic you need and the result you want.

Self-Coaching Program
How to feel better & The importance of emotional self-care
This is a coaching program where I teach you how you can coach yourself and gain more emotional resilience so you can have a “better than happy “ life.

Relationship Coaching Program
How to be a good spouse, mate, parent, sibling...

This is a coaching program where I teach the fundamentals to built and sustain a happy, emotionally adult relationship.

It is applicable to different types of relationships :

marriage dynamics, workplace related, parenting, aging parents… among others.

Time-management Coaching Program
How to get it done
This is a coaching program where I teach you how to deal with overwhelm, confusion and procrastination.

Weight Coaching Program    

How to lose weight and keep it off permanently

This is a 6 week program where I help you get back to your natural weight and more importantly how to keep it off.

(and this is not done by dieting)

Under the tab "book a free online session"

you can book a free exploratory coaching session to see if it resonates with you