Is there something better than happy?

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When we ask people what they most want, often times the answer will be "I just want to be happy." While I believe that there is nothing wrong with this answer, I would like to argue that there is a place that is even better than happy.

Happiness, in its essence, is a fleeting emotion tied closely to the external world..
It arises from the excitement of anticipated events or the enjoyment of new experiences, but it tends to dissipate swiftly, leaving us wanting more.
Happiness, while not inherently negative, becomes unproductive when we believe we should be happy at all times and perceive it as the ultimate goal.
Constantly pursuing happiness is like to a dog endlessly chasing its tail.

Therefore, instead of aiming for happiness, I believe that we should aim for something else, which I would call the "place better than happy".
It is a state of mind that consists of feelings of contentment, confidence, peacefulness, and joy. It is to be found within yourself, and it is a much more lasting feeling than the thrill of happiness.

This state of being offers a deeper and more substantial and stable sense of well-being, that I compare to the solid foundation of a cake, while happiness serves as the icing on top.
It embodies a profound tranquility and self-assurance, akin to the concept of equanimity or "upeksha" embraced by Buddhist philosophy.

Achieving this state, necessitates the development of mental robustness and resilience
It is a skill that can be learned. It requires both knowledge on how to brain works and sustained practice.
With time it becomes a way of being. You will be able to navigate life’s challenges in an effective and efficient way.

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